BioFlush is a drain un-blocker that uses non-chemical and environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes to break down organic waste.

The Problem

Urine itself is relatively odourless, but bacteria present in the urinal environment degrade urine components to produce strongly smelling molecules, resulting in the characteristic ammonia-like odour.

Uric scale, formed by insoluble compounds in the urine can form unsightly deposits on the bowl. In extreme cases, build up of uric scale within the pipe work can cause urinals to block and overflow.

The Product

BioSmart’s Urinal Blocks contain a concentrated blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that degrade the organic matter normally broken down by ‘bad’ odour producing bacteria. With each Urinal Block there are over 34 billion colony forming microbes.

BioSmart’s microbes also convert uric scale into more soluble compounds, thus helping to prevent build up. In addition, the product contains water softening agents to break down the inorganic scale caused by water hardness.

BioSmart’s Urinal blocks have a cherry fragrance providing an overall pleasant fragrance to the urinals. On average a BioSmart’s Urinal block will last 4 to 6 weeks and is held securely in place by a BioSmart Urinal Cage.

As with all biological products the use of chlorine bleach and acid products should be minimised reducing the reliance on Chemical cleaners and improving health and safety.

Benefits of Use

Regular use of the BioSmart’s Urinal Cage and Puck system will:

  • Reduce urinal water flushing costs to virtually zero
  • Save money per urinal per year in operating costs
  • Keep urinals smelling fresh and operating correctly

Reduces use of chemical products.