BioSmart Technologies

Environmentally friendly cleaning products that use bacteria and enzymes to reduce water use without chemicals.


The biological philosophy

These products are designed to harness nature’s powers to provide environmentally safe products for all types of cleaning and organic degradation applications.

All these products contain good bacteria, which are living organisms and are chosen for their ability to carry out specific functions, including the degradation of unwanted microbes, which cause malodours. 

In some cases, the microbes enhance and stimulate existing bacteria to promote the natural effect of microbes in a particular environment.  Of course, the bacteria work in many ways, which include: -

  • Competitive exclusion, in which the good bacteria out compete the bad bacteria for food, resulting in the bad bacteria dying
  • Secreting enzymes to break down the organic matter, providing a digestible food source for the bacteria
  • Remain in place in spore format until the next source of food appears, thus creating a long lasting residual effect

The alarming water issues facing the world and environment

  • Global population will rise from 7 billion to 9 billion in less than 20 years
  • 3.4 billion people are currently facing serious water threats
  • More than 800 million people are malnourished because there is not enough water to grow their food
  • More than 1 billion people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water
  • More than half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by people with water related diseases
  • Greater than 200 million tonnes of human waste is deposited directly into our rivers and lakes without treatment
  • 80% of major cities do not treat their waste water and compound the scarce water supply
  • Most other authorities that treat waste water have historically used pathogenic, toxic chemicals

The alarming chemical issues facing the world and environment

  • Less than 2% of synthetic chemicals used throughout the world have ever been tested for toxicity
  • The majority of chemicals have NEVER been tested for long term effects
  • Tests on blood from the placentas of pregnant women revealed up to 15 different types of pesticide
  • Chemicals in the test were found to be in every single one of the 308 of the women tested
  • Tests in the blood of 30 new born babies found the presence of 8 different groups of chemicals ranging from cleaning products to chemicals used to make plastics
  • Wide spread exposure to low doses of chemicals may be causing harm, possibly irreversibly, particularly to groups such as pregnant woman and children
  • In the last few years, unfashionable household products together with industrial and medical waste are now being burnt in incinerators
  • Dioxins formed during the combustion process have been carried for hundreds of mileson tiny specs of ash and have thus, contaminated the countryside.  Consequently, this ash settles on pastures and is then eaten by animals, with the result that they go back into the food chain and accumulate in the fat cells of our bodies

The reason for change - now

Whist chemicals may not always be fatal, they are all having a profound effect on each and every one of us.  We are involuntary exposed to chemicals, as they can be found everywhere.  It is hard to believe that the home should now be regarded as a toxic waste dump, as the average home today contains more than 62 toxic chemicals and it is for this reason that the time is now to change to a safer way of life by using an eco-friendly alternative.

The use of bacterial solutions is a methodology that simply harnesses nature for the benefit of mankind.  We are all facing a serious depletion of our natural resources and whilst at times, rainfall is taken as given, the world faces unprecedented scarcity of this valuable commodity.

We now need to step up and face the challenges of society and ensure that the environment and generations to come are protected.

BioSmart Technologies shares a common goal, to provide its customers with highly effective eco-friendly cleaners and degraders, whilst saving you costs and protecting the environment.

A few of our product benefits are:-

  • Unlike other enzyme cleaners, we do not dilute our products, which contain more than2 million bacteria in just 1 gram.
  • Safe for animals, fish and plants
  • For spas and ponds, 1 litre of product will treat up to 10,000 litres of water
  • All or products have been scientifically tested, are biodegradable and are non-hazardous to people and pets