Bathroom Vanity And Sink Replacement/Drain Issue

I had a ongoing issue with a bathroom sink backing up in my rental property over the past 5 or more years!
I had Jeff assess the issue and he recommended removing the existing aging copper drain pipe with updated ABS pipe and correct P-trap.
After many arduous hours of removing wall tiles and drywall we find the end of the copper pipe entering the cast downpipe for the sewer line.
Jeff was able to remove a completely plugged down pipe then he had to replace the copper pipe and patch he wall with material for future access and have the new vanity and new countertop. Now it's in place with it being sealed correctly with silicone and looks fantastic which improves the look of the bathroom!
I'd highly recommend Jeff of Eazy Peazy plumbing to handle any plumbing issues you have and plan on getting back your home without headaches of plugged pipes or leaky pipes!

Ross Cotango